Thursday, April 19, 2012

Humanitarian Parole - U.S. Heart Surgery

Today, one of the Lamardelle children left for the United States, but his adoption process has not been up yet. He is leaving on a special medical visa/humanitarian parole. This little guy has a hole in his heart, so that is why he has stopped growing overall. He is globally developmentally delayed and he is so tiny for his age. He is almost 3 year old, but has the body of an 18 month old baby. He cannot walk or pull himself up. His limbs are literally like rubber. He is just limber all over. So the reason that has not continued to grow is because all the nutrition that his body is absorbing is all going directly to his heart to keep him alive. His heart is not able to pump blood and fast enough to the rest of his body, because there is a hole there. I have been so worried about this little guy and after many months of exams and push, he is finally going to the U.S. for heart surgery. I am so happy for him. I wish him the best of luck! The next time that I see him, he will be all healthy and up and about. Many children in his case, after the heart surgery takes place, will grow like crazy and fill out very fast. I do hope that will the case for him, as well.

Please pray for his safety and successful surgery to be taken place very soon. 

You will be in my thoughts little guy! Be strong and hang on! The worse is almost over! 


  1. pray for little one's safety and successful surgery, wish him the best!

    Love mom+

  2. Charleville-Mézières ? Salle de sport Fitness ?

  3. Just discovered this blog last night. Are you still at FEJ?