Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Madness before France

So for the past week I have just been going going going! NONSTOP! No rest or sleeping what-so-ever! It has just been hectic and chaotic all at the same time. There have been many visitors from the U.S., France, and Belgium. I have been helping translating and doing reports in both English and French. It has been really stressful and a giant challenge. Why am I in such a crunch you might ask? Well, it is because I am heading back home to France for some R&R. I am going to get me some much needed resting. Oh my goodness. Not sleeping normally for the past 6 months is really starting to take a toll on my body. Not going to lie, I am tired. Really tired. This vacation time is much needed.

So after much stress and working non-stop, I can finally grab my bags and head to France to SLEEP! Yup, that's right, I am going to SLEEP. As much as I can. So today is the big day! Just when you thought everything is going to go smoothly, bang, Air France is on strike. Not just any strike! All the pilots are on strike. Which means, either extreme delay or cancellations! I mean no pilots, no go for planes! Yup. So I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. Everything has been confirmed and I should be able to get to France without too much of a problem.

Wish me luck! France, here I come. Well first Guadalupe and then France.

Bye bye Haiti! See ya in three weeks!

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