Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Executive Director Returns Back To Haiti

So today was the big day. Gina Duncan returns back to Haiti after having been gone for the past 5 months! She will be back for a couple of weeks to see her family and children and get some work done. The doctors says that she cannot be stressed out, so let's hope she can rest more than she works when she is back. I was one of the first people to see her up in Kenscoff since I am there doing reports with the children. She looks a lot better than before and she is able to move around on her own, so that is really good news. I will continue to pray for her speedy recovery and fulfillment in her heart and mind.

Since yesterday I have been showing an adoptive parent around Kenscoff. It was her first time meeting her adoptive children in Haiti and it was quite a day. She didn't know what to expect really and was super anxious. The children responded quite well to her and everything went awesome. I got to tell her all about her adoptive children, their likes/dislikes and their personalities. It was a really great time. I love it when adoptive parents visit. It gives me a better sense of who they are and what kind of home environment the children will be going to when they leave Haiti.

It has been cold in Kenscoff, like normal, but the children always keeps me warm with endless hugs! I am super lucky to be able to be with them!

Art work today! We are doing Chinese New Years art! Yay!

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  1. pray for Gina's health and peace

    mom with love+