Thursday, January 26, 2012

Solar Radiation Storm Blackouts

So yesterday, due to Solar Radiation Storms, most of Haiti had blackouts. The Lamardelle orphanage was not exception. Our generators took a giant electric shock and stopped working all together. I was in my room yesterday and the lights kept on flickering, which was normal some times, but then all of a sudden the fans started to turn wayyyyy faster than it does normally, I never knew it could turn that fast. It looked like it was going to spin out of control and fly off the ceilings! I was looking at it and thought, oh no, the current must be too high or something. So I un-plugged my outlets, just in case. I did not want anything to be damaged. I lit my candle and waited for a little bit. And sure enough! The power went out, all of the power went out, the whole zone!!!! There was a giant panic of screams and then yelling of dismay! We tried to restart the generator and then nothing! It wasn't working! People were freaking out! So I quickly got out there and distributed all of my various flashlights and candles for the children's rooms. Everyone used their phones and we quickly fed all of the kids and put them into bed! It was great actually, because everyone HAD to go to bed early, including ME! haha, well not super early, but earlier than usual! 

This morning, we woke up to no electricity and no water at all! It was going to be like this at least for today. The electrician was supposedly coming to fix the things today! In the mean time, thanks to Tzu Chi Foundation for donating 20 solar powered lamps. This is coming in handy, especially in this blackout situation like today. So I climbed up to the roof and laid out all the lamps to be charged. We needed to charge them in the day time and then use it in the night time. The results were great! They are now providing environmental friendly light for all the orphanage! Thank you so much Tzu Chi!

The generator is still not fixed. There was a part that was completely fried so we have to get new parts tomorrow! Hopefully it will get fixed soon. I was really lucky that none of my electronics took a shock last night, but many of the machines in the office weren't so lucky! 

The earth is telling us all a message. We all need to purify our minds and hearts and respect mother earth. She is all we have, we must take care of her! 

Let us all pray for a peaceful society and no more disasters in the world!

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  1. I love this part--everyone HAD to go to bed early, including ME! Hope you get some nice sleep!

    Love mom+