Thursday, January 19, 2012

FEJ Community Clinic 2nd Floor Ground Breaking Inaguration

Today was a really big day, because it was the FEJ Lamardelle Community Clinic's Ground Breaking ceremony. The first floor was built last year, which was sponsored by the Japanese Embassy. Now, the second floor is going to start building, which is sponsored by American Airlines. It has been a long time waiting and today it is finally happening. There are many distinguished guests that attended the ceremony today, which included the Japanese Ambassador and IBESR Director. The ceremony started at around 11am and all morning I was trying to get all the legal paperwork done for adoption cases, so that I can be able to attend the ground breaking ceremony. Needless to say, there was a lot of phone calls, printing, emailing, typing, and walking back and forth from the Clinic compound to and from the Creche compound.

The ceremony was beautifully done. The FEJ Elementary School's Choir performed a welcome and thank you song in French. A Catholic Father gave his blessings to everyone who attended the ceremony and also for the clinic project. We all took a tour of the clinic with everyone and had some good refreshments after the ceremony.
Clinic Staff with the Ambassador of Japan. 
Director of IBESR with the 20 new children at the creche!

The Duncans with the Ambassador of Japan. 
Jody and her crew came today, as well. They all have medical background of some sort and is great to have them here again! Jody brought the adolescents and I so many things! Bless her! And thanks to her kids for putting together a "Vegan Care Package" for me, as well! I am forever grateful!

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  1. another big day! life is beautiful!

    love mom+