Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bappy Woo Bear

Happy New Year everyone! May all your wishes come true this year.

I wish all of you happiness, good health, joy, and increase in wisdom in 2012!

Today was not only a celebration of the New Years, but also it marks the 5 month notch for me here at FEJ. I am almost at the half way point! Let's keep it going!

In Haiti, traditionally on the 1st of January, the people eat Pumpkin Soup! This is because before, when there were slaves in Haiti, they weren't allow to have Pumpkin soup at all. When they conquered the French and gained their independence, they celebrated by having Pumpkin soup. So it has stuck as a traditional celebratory dish for the 1st of January! We had it this morning and it was delicious!

The children and I celebrated today by having them practicing saying "Happy New Year," both in English and French. They were as cute as can be. It was a happy day!

From the children of Haiti (this was what they were saying after hours of practice):


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