Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chinese New Year's Eve with Master Cheng Yen

Happy Chinese New Year's Eve.

We had great Chinese food all day today and did some farm work on the Great Love Moringa farm. It was a very productive day and in the afternoon we had a very productive meeting. My head was going to explore from jumping from Mandarin to English to French to Creole. It was definitely a great brain exercise for sure! We had a very productive meeting with all the uniformed Haitian volunteers and had many issues cleared up.
We put in some new mobile toilets at the Great Love Moringa  Farm. It looks quite cozy doesn't it? 

By nighttime, we were getting ready to "Bai Nian" to Master Cheng Yen in Taiwan. We had it all set up, thanks for Fan Ting's professional microphone and my handy-dandy webcam, the results were awesome. I got to speak to Master Cheng Yen directly and told her everything that I was doing here in Haiti. She gave me her blessings and told me to go back to see her in Taiwan soon. It was so great to speak with her again, it has been a very long time! I miss her very much!

Thanks for all the SG and SB for taking so good care of me and for cooking all the awesome food! We even got "Nian Gon"!!!!! It was wonderful. I am so grateful that I get to pass the New Years with my Tzu Chi family. I couldn't ask for a better Chinese New Year!

I showed everyone how to eat Haitian Mangoes the Haitian  way. All you need is a pair of hands and your teeth. Super clean result and yummy authentic flavors bursting in your mouths! 


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  1. Happy Chinese New Year and come back to see mom soon!

    Love mom+