Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Visitors Come and Go

Last night two visitors from Miami came to spend a week with us here in Lamardelle. They are actually here to look at the different canal systems in Haiti, especially in this zone. There is a river called the White River and many different canals that connect to it here in Lamardelle. They are here doing different assessments of the whole water system. They will be making daily trips to various parts in the zone to assess different sections of the water organizational scheme. One of them, Chris, speaks Creole. He was here in Haiti in 2002 with the Peace Corp, back when there was still a site here. Peace Corp left in 2004 due to the instability of the government and economy. It just wasn't working out as a volunteer site and definitely was lacking on security measures. Chris was also an Haitian Studies major in college. How cool is that? Not many universities have that as a major choice. Way cool.

Today was also the day that Will's fiancee, Lauren, headed back to North Carolina. She has spent about two weeks here in Haiti with us. I hope she had a good time, while she was here. Too bad Will was sick for half of that time, but at least she was here to take care of him. I gave him tons of medication, came in handy to be well prepared!

January is going to be a big month with many visitors! I can't wait to meet more new people!

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  1. good to know that you have enough medication to help people around, and there are more medicine coming....

    love mom+