Saturday, January 21, 2012

Marie Ann & Christ The King Secretarial Schools' Ground Breaking Ceremony

This weekend was a huge milestone for Tzu Chi Haiti, since it was the Ground Breaking Ceremony for the Marie Anne and Christ the King Secretarial Schools. It has been two years in the making, and today, it is finally happening. Tzu Chi is helping to rebuild the three schools for the St. Anne Sisters' Congregation in Haiti. Everyone has been highly anticipating this event. And what better way to have it on January 21st, 2012, which is exactly two years to the day when Tzu Chi first step foot onto Haiti soil after the earthquake. Like what Sister Majorie said, "January 21st and January 12, is a simple reverse of numbers, but it symbolizes the reverse of fates, and the attitude of the Haitian people in rebuilding the country!" Well put! This is exactly what we are doing! We are have hope for a better Haiti!

Lesly and I were the MCs for the Ground Breaking ceremony! We both wrote the scripts all the way till 3:30am the night before!
The ceremony started with the students holding hands and walking down the aisle way! It was such a lovely display of cooperation and collaboration between the schools! 

Marie Anne Primary and Secondary Schools' Choir Performance. They performed a song called "Filles d'Haiti (Girls of Haiti)." It was a spectacular performance. 
Christ the King Secretarial School's students performed their rendition of "Hallelujah." These girls have got soul!  
An Haitian Folklord dance performed by the 5th graders at Marie Ann School! They were as cute as can be! Great job! 
Tzu Chi performed a couple of sign language songs for the visitors/guests! 
The going away present - One Month Old Moringa seedlings! 
Ambassador Liu of Taiwan and Advisor to President Martelly - Mr. Nelson. 
Sister Immacula baked delicious Moringa cookies for the ceremony! 
We had visiting British soldiers! They are only in Haiti for a one-month deployment! They are always wearing their sacks, when asked why, they simply said that they are always ready for anything!
The Brazilian Peacekeepers were our VIP guests! I was so happy to see them there! It was actually one day before Major Roland's birthday! Everyone got some goodies to take home! 
In the afternoon, there was another ceremony celebrating the Chinese New Years at St. Alexandre Church. Thanks to the wonderful decorations by Sister Immacula! 

My heart came back to see me at the afternoon ceremony! Little Jennifer! She came to tell me that she passed all her exams with flying colors! I love this girl so much! I am so proud of her! 
The church was packed with visitors to join us in the Chinese New Years celebration. The whole place was decorated in blue and red, colors of the Haitian flag. It was a display of two cultures coming together as one! 

What an awesome day! I am so grateful to be able to see history in the making in Haiti! 

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  1. congratulations to all of you! it's a huge deal!
    you guys are making history in Haiti!

    Mom with love+