Sunday, March 4, 2012

From Paris to Lamardelle - Back to Work

So three weeks in France has got me some rest and better food in-take. I was planning on just sleeping the three weeks away, but as usual, found myself in the mist of a busy schedule again. It was nice though. I got to see my boyfriend Greg, friends, Greg's family, and my host parents. Everyone wanted to know all about our adventures in Haiti and Afghanistan. The three weeks consisted many long talks and shocked faces by our loved ones. I am glad that we get to share our adventures with those who are intrigued by what we do in life. I got so many "Wow that is really hard? Aren't you scared or lonely? That's not a way to live. What about all those diseases?" My response is always a lighthearted laugh and said that I am there for the children and they bring me much joy. Everyone was really surprised and stunned to know that I was heading back to Haiti for another 5 months to finish out my year assignment there. I am super happy and I have missed the children here at the orphanage very much. Yes, life is not easy here, but I get by. The children definitely make every single second and every challenge that comes my way worth it. Whenever I have a stressful day, all I need is a hug and a kiss by a child, and I'm golden. Really.

So I got back to Haiti tonight at around 7pm. It was a very funny feeling. I left Charleville-Meziere at 6am in the morning. Greg and I drove to Reims and then we took a train to the airport. My plane left at around noon time in Paris. 8 hours later I found myself in Guadalupe waiting for my flight to Haiti. After another hour and a half I was grabbing my luggage and meeting up with the orphanage's driver Dieudonne in Port-au-Prince. It all happened so fast and it is just incredible to me how in a day I could be in three places that are so vastly different in way of life and culture. It didn't feel weird to be back in Haiti, it felt natural. It was 34 degrees Celsius when I got out of the airport. My body definitely likes that wayyyy more than the -15 degree weather in Charleville-Meziere, that is for sure. I got into the truck with the driver and looked out the window. I saw people walking in the streets. The familiar smells of burning trash and tires in the dark night. The never stopping yelling of "Hey You" when people see that I am a foreigner in a car. Dieudonne told me how much he has missed me over the vacation time and how happy he is to have me back in Lamardelle. I related the same feelings, as well.

When we got to the orphanage, all the children came rushing toward me yelling "Lori Lori Lori!" I was mobbed by all 35 children. They were all screaming and hugging and kissing. I fell over with my backpack in complete utter happiness! It's this feeling of complete bliss that is just inexplicable to others. I gave each child a hug and kiss. Everyone told me how much they missed me and how happy they were now that I am back. One child wouldn't even let go of me. She walked with me all the way to my room and helped me opened my door to my room. I gave her a goodnight kiss and told her how much I loved her. She smiled really big and said "I love you too Lori." I dropped off my things and quickly went over to help feed all the babies. The babies were so happy to see me too, but not as much as how happy I was to see them. I gave them all kisses and fed them. After saying hi to everyone at the orphanage, I got back to my room. I did my routine check for mice, rats, any living creatures really. I kicked everything in my room and to my huge surprise....NO RATS OR MICE! Wow, what a miracle. The blocking device under my door must have worked! I was sooooo soooo grateful! Oh my goodness, so grateful. Other than my room being extremely dusty and lots of spider webs, no mice or rats! I was super happy! So happy I could have cried!

I took a cold shower in the familiar bathroom that is shared by 10 people and got into bed. I was sooooooo tired. I fell into my "bird-nest" of a bed and tried to sleep. The distant voodoo music slowly crept into my ears. The babies' screaming cries in the background. The angry caregivers yelling in Creole. The burning smell of animal flesh and trash lurking into my room.

I closed my eyes and whispered "I'm back Haiti."

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  1. another 5 months to go, wish you the best!

    Love mom+