Monday, March 26, 2012

Shaken Up In The Bitter Cold!

So it was decided last minute that I was going to head up to Kenscoff this past Friday, because adoptive parents were going to stay in Lamardelle on Tuesday, so I have to be back to Lamardelle to host them during their stay. So I quickly packed my bags on Friday and headed to town with the staff at 3:30pm. As usual, it was a long haul to get to Kenscoff. We dropped off all the staff members and I was dropped off at Delmas 41 office to wait for Roberto. Roberto, Ms. Deleau, and I headed up toward Kenscoff around 6pm and stopped by the market to get some food for the weekend. We finally got to the Duncan's house at around 8pm and had to wait around some more to get more food for the children. By the time I got to the guest house, it was already 9pm. I made a quick sandwich, toast bread, Kraft cheese, and yellow mustard. It was soooooo good.

It was sooooo cold up in Kenscoff while I was there over the weekend. Like ridiculously cold. Wayyyy colder than usual. I was freezing to death. There was no electricity, no water, and no sign of any sunshine anytime soon. It was, needless to say, pretty miserable! I searched high and low to find as many blankets as I possibly could. Even the blankets themselves were freezing. The blankets are thin, but I was able to find 5 of them to put on top of me while I slept. I had on two layers of 100% full-on fleece pajamas, with the 5 layers of covers on me, and I was still freezing. Oh man, those were long nights at Kenscoff this time around.
I stayed close by the charcoal cooker to keep warm. It was really fun cooking the Mais (corn meal) for everyone. The aunties taught me the proper way to stir and pretty much beat it up. It sure kept me warm and energized.  
All the children and I stayed under blankets during free time. It was so close and our body heats definitely came in handy. Children were using me as a launching pad. It was quite fun. We had a blast. 
On Sunday, there was another small scaled earthquake in Haiti. We've had three so far in the past few weeks, which has not help calm the population down. Every time something shook, people screamed and ran for open ground. It is almost like a sick joke now when it happens. I pray everyday for the people's hearts to be calm and for them to find inner peace. The earth is calling out to us to repent our actions, if we don't realize that now, things will just be worse later on. Everyone was freaked out at the orphanage, and once again, I tried to calm people down.

Tomorrow I am going to the airport to pick up the adoptive family that will be visiting and staying in Lamardelle. I can't wait to see them again and get out of this coldness! Most of all, I'll finally be able to take a shower and wash my hair!

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  1. "two layers of 100% full-on fleece pajamas, with the 5 layers of covers on me, and I was still freezing." Oh man, sounds like you were in North Pole. Hard to picture the coldness in Haiti!
    send you my love to warm you up!

    mom with love and hugs