Friday, March 16, 2012

Giggles said "Oooooo!"

Today a very special little girl got to go on the big airplane and fly to the United States (Utah to be exact) to be with her adoptive family. It has been a long haul for the family and I am so happy that it has finally came true for them. They have been nothing but patient throughout the whole adoption process and has just been a wonderful family. I am very grateful for people like them! A great big shout out to the Sorenson family! You guys are awesome!

So I only got to spend about a day up in Kenscoff to say hi to the dad and say goodbye to the little angel, Giggles*. I promised the parents that I would take care of her as best as I could and give her all the love in the world. I have gotten very close to Giggles* and it is sad to see her go, but I am overjoyed with the fact that she is going to such a wonderful adoptive family. She is going to have so much fun! I've watched her grow from a quiet little baby to the non-stop running around pre-toddler that she is now. She has given me so much joy and warmth for the last 7 months here in Haiti. I am forever grateful to have known her and had the chance to be there for her when she needed someone's love and care. I am one lucky gal!

Have a safe flight Giggles*. I will miss you so much. You will always have a very special place in my heart. I am going to miss your laugh. Your funny way of scrunching your bottom up when you fall asleep. I am going to miss your ever so soft hugs. You have forever changed my heart and I love you so very much!

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  1. another bitter-sweet good-bye,
    good luck to the little Giggles!