Monday, March 12, 2012

Meetings With The Directors

So I finally got to meet Heather from Adoption Link this weekend. She and an IT specialist came on Friday and we all met. It was nice to sit down and talk to Heather about all the issues and miscommunication that has been going on for the past 7 months due to a lack of internet. And actually Nathan, the IT specialist, is especially here to try and fix the internet problem. As you all know that for the past 7 months, the internet has really been non-existent to say the least. And when we do have some connection, there is no electricity. It's Haiti, so it's normal, but it definitely makes it that much harder when working with other countries that have constant internet access and wondering why we are "not-working" when you just look from the outside. Anyways, so Nathan, Will, and Sandy were hard at work this weekend to try and fix the internet situation.

Saturday, Heather, Brunette, and I headed up to Kenscoff to have an Adoption team meeting with the executive director Gina Duncan and general director Lucien Duncan (Yes, they are husband and wife). We all sat down and started to discuss all the changes in the Haitian law and the new government and how that was going to affect the adoption process. The new laws will not go into effect for at least another couple of months, but we want to be ready with a plan of action before it is in full swing. So needless to say, lots of meetings and discussion this weekend. Gina has been way overworked since she's been back in Haiti. She is still really sick, so I am hoping that she can quickly wrap up here and head back to Canada to get treatment and really rest her body and mind. I will continue to pray for her full recovery.

One of the kids' adoptive father came to Haiti on Monday to take her back to the U.S. with him. It has been a long wait for this family and I am happy that this is finally coming true. I will miss her very much, but I know she is going to be so happy in her wonderful adoptive family. She even looks just like the dad, it is quite amazing. It was definitely meant to be. The mother couldn't make it on this trip, so she is anxiously waiting for them to get back to the states' side. So the transition process takes a week in Kenscoff. This is where the child will get some time to say goodbye to the aunties and children at the creche and Haiti in general. It gives some time to detach and transition. I hope that this week will be productive for the father and daughter. It is not going to be easy, but it will be worthwhile in the end. Most children do not do well being alone with just a male figure, since that is something completely foreign to them. Most children will be very scared and cry and want to get away, while few kids are so fascinated by the foreign idea that they want to get to know more about this mysterious creature. This girl has been reacting quite frightened so far, but I hope things will calm down more as the week progresses. I will keep on praying for the two of them.

So I spent the weekend in Kenscoff and got back today. I will be heading back up to Kenscoff on Wednesday for another meeting with Gina and Lucien, since Gina is too sick to come down to Lamardelle, it is better that the staff goes to her directly.

The trip was long today, as usual. It's time to write more reports!

BTW! The internet situation has been resolved for the moment. Let's just hope the electricity keeps holding on! Fingers crossed!

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  1. my prayer goes to Gina and the little girl!