Monday, March 19, 2012

The Love Twins

Things have just been busy busy busy, as usual. Today, a biological mother came to see her children, who have been at the creche a little over two years now. They were tiny little babies when they were first brought in after the January 12, 2010 earthquake. They were only a couple days old, and the mother stated that she was in no state, both financially and emotionally to care for the children. So the creche took them in. When we took them in, it was not expected to be caring for them for over two years, but the mother never called or contacted us, so we couldn't get her consent to put the two children up for adoption. We finally got a hold of her and she wants her children back. She was suppose to come pick them up the first time we got in contact with her, back in November 2011, but she never showed up. This happens a lot in Haiti. The biological parents say they will come, but they never come. They know we will take care of the children for free, since we have no choice, and we cannot legally put their children up for adoption without their written consent. So it is just a vicious cycle really. And sadly many parents do take advantage of that. I mean I understand their point of view, especially for babies, they need so much care and food those first few years. And it is always better when they are older and can walk and talk and take care of themselves for the everyday Haitian environment. And the creche has good health care, food, shelter, and clothing. It's very appealing to just drop off your children and know that they will be taken care of.

So the mother finally came back to get the twins today. They are fraternal twins, one girl and one boy. They are as cute as can be and I have gotten quite close to the both of them with my time here at the creche. When I first came, they weren't able to walk on their own yet and was still crawling around the creche. Now they can walk on their own, speak a couple of phrases in Creole, and understands simple commands. It has been magical seeing them grow. I am going to miss playing with them and laughing at their silliness. I am going to miss kissing them good night and always telling them not to hit others around them. I am going to miss their hugs and miss comforting them when they are scared or sad. I am going to miss you two little buggers.

Take care and have a good life my little ones! 

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  1. they are absolutly cute!
    wish them the best!