Monday, September 12, 2011

New Hairstyle

So haven't had steady internet connection in a while, so was not able to make any posts on here. Lots of changes have been happening with the orphanage. Many people moving around and it has been super chaotic. First of all, long time volunteers Frank and Jan, decided to leave the foundation due to health issues. They have been with the foundation, going on their second year. They are mainly responsible for the adolescents here at the orphanage and have been awesome grandparent figures for the kids. They will be dearly missed around here!!! I pray for their health issues to be resolved soon. Another big change was that two of the older children have moved into the adolescent wing. The girls are part of a sibling group of three, where we are actively looking to match them to a family with a completed home study. They will now all live together in one room and bond as sisters. I am very happy to see this change, because it is a positive influence for the two younger girls and it gives them a sense of belonging! So let the bonding begin!!! The children have been taking the changes one day at a time. Rules have been put into place and they are not used to that yet. I have continued to be the support system for the adolescents and trust me, it ain't an easy task! I am trying my best to help each one of them understand the changes and to let them know that it is okay to feel emotional. I have been doing French and English lessons every night and they are learning a lot. I hope I can do more in the near future. School has not started for the children yet, so we still got some time to catch up on their reading and writing skills.

The children have also started to venture outside in the afternoons when I am doing my laps in the yard. Many children will join me in running a little bit or just sit on the lawn and watch. I have also started to get some recruits from the staff members. Francoise and Mme. Marbene have been joining me on doing different exercises and running around 10 laps each around the lawn area. They look to me to keep up their training! They said that I am like a drill sergeant and they hurt all over. I hope I don't disappoint them! It's been great being able to work out after work, it keeps me in shape and feeling relaxed. I don't know how safe it is to run in lighting and rain, but it sure does feel good when the cool rain splashes on my body!

Oh yeah, the adolescents decided to do my hair over the weekend! It was quite an ordeal! There were about 4 girls touching my hair and doing all kinds of designs, while I was helping two other adolescents with their French and English lessons! We all had a blast though! I am learning a lot from the children and I hope that I can continue to make a little difference in their lives!

Like my new hairstyle???


  1. new hair do! you are one of them, cute!
    keep on your work out, you can be a role model of children there. And you did make a difference in their lives.

    mom with love+

  2. Dear Lori:
    new hairstyle very cool!