Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Petite Blanc: Little White Person

Many of the children from Kenscoff were transferred to Lamardelle today, seven to be exact. We are in the process of transferring the children between Kenscoff and Larmdelle orphanages. We want to keep around 20 to 25 children at Kenscoff, mainly the older children, and the rest of the babies/toddlers will be at Larmdelle, since there is more space to accompany the children and adoptive parents who come to visit. I was happy to see all the babies and toddlers from Kenscoff and even happier when they remembered who I was. I always love to be greeted with huge smiles and big huges. It never gets tiring!

More children means more noise! Good noise that is! It's so great to have all the children around, laughing and giggling at every corner of the orphanage. It really brings the orphanage to life! Every time I walk outside the office, a child will come running to me for a hug or a high five. I love this atmosphere! I am very blessed!

So I have continued to run after work each day! Today was quite special! I started to walk outside to the open lawn area and all the children started to run toward me. They call me, "Petite Blanc," which literally means "Little White." A lot of Haitiens call Caucansins, "Blanc," meaning White People. The children said that I am smaller in stature than most of the white people that they see around here, so they added the "small." It was super cute!!! So they have been doing exercises and running with me. Today they all decided to grab my arms while I ran. It was quite a challenge, but I just kept on running. It was actually a really good resistance training for me and it was fun for all the children involved. There are a total of 13 children that were grabbing my arms while I jogged around the open lawn area. It was quite a sight to see. Needless to say, I had an awesome work out! Thanks girls!!!! At the end of the work out, the girls all sang songs to me and one of them was "You Are My Sunshine." It was very touching!

Big shout out to my mom for sending me a care package!!! There was the super awesome blue magnetic mosquito door net!!!! Yeah, Taiwan is pretty awesome for coming up with super genius ideas! Thank you mom!!!! I love you very much! And thank you so much for the childhood treats....yummy!!!!

I ended my night by watching a football (soccer for all you Americans out there) match between Brazil and Argentina on a very small black and white TV!!! It was quite the experience! Everyone gathered around to watch the match! I've got to say, Haitians have got to be one of the most loyal Brazilian football team fans ever! Go BRAZIL! 


  1. The blue mosquito net looks great!!!

  2. The blue masqueto net looks very pretty in the picture.

    i love you very much too! enjoy your little treats, my petite blanc.