Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Power Outage Party and The Ultimate Care Package

So the power has been going out pretty consistently over the last couple of days and we don't have enough diesel to put into the generator here at the creche for back-up either. The sun starts to set around 5:45pm and it is completely pitch dark by 6:30pm. The power usually goes out either before I take a shower or after I get out of the shower, but never during!!! Well, tonight....the electricity decided to go out completely while I was in the middle of my shower! haha....that was quite an interesting experience. Good thing I am familar with the shower at the orphanage now that I can feel my way around and know pretty much where everything is located in the bathroom. I continue to take a shower in the dark and it wasn't as bad as I thought. The moonlight came in from the small window in the bathroom and the wind swishing the leaves back and forth on the outer walls. It was quite calming actually.

After the shower in the dark, all the children gathered around the table to eat. We lit candles and grabbed all the flash lights that we could find. I had my electronic lamp that I added to the mix. One of the adolescent boys took out his personal stash of glow in the dark lights and also a whole collection of different fourth of July light sticks. It was hilarious to see all the fourth of July decorations. We all sat around the table to eat and after dinner it was when the really fun began! We all huddled around and started to tell ghost stories. We got so into it with the wolf man story that one of the little girls started to scream and tearing up. I quickly jumped in and asked, "Do you have food in your room?" She looked at me with huge eyes and said "No." And I told her that if she didn't have food in her room than the wolf man won't go in to bother her. She smiled and said that she will never have food in her room, ever! Haha, cute little girl! The older girls really scared her with the wolf man story. So I learned last night that the Haitian Wolf Man can fly????? Wow, never knew that! That just added the scary factor by like 4 times in my book.

The highlight of my day has got to be when I received my care packages!!!! Oh my goodness, it was a huge box with goodies! A big shout out to Tracy SG, James SB, Chiaoli SG, Kamto SB, Mom, Dad, Peggy SG, and all the Tzu Chi Family in Portland, Oregon. It was THE Ultimate Care Package!!!!

You can see the photo below for yourself. How awesome is that???? I am truly blessed! Thank you everyone so much with gratitude!!!!


  1. o, yeh, you got your care package. thank Tracy sg to put everything together. thank the care and love from james sb, kamto sb, chiaoli sg, peggy sg. now you can enjoy something you really missed from home town.

    love mom+

  2. Dear Lori:

    Now you may open a rescue station for common cold, insect bites, small burn, diarrhea, vitamins, itchy mouth(craving for snacks..)and love...etc. to help those local kids in need....I am in your supportive team. Let me know if you need more supplies....I can mail them to you.

    We may name it " Red Teddy Bear Rescue Center " ha ha !


    Chiaoli SG