Thursday, October 13, 2011

Drill Sergeant: Mme. Saint Fort

So my savior came today!!! Mme. Saint Fort was the lead nurse and governess at the Kenscoff creche. We have been needing restructuring at the Lamardelle creche ever since I've been here, so now she has been transferred over to Lamardelle to help speed things up. When I saw her, I almost had tears coming down my face, I was so happy. There were just so many things that needed to be changed and regulated that it was impossible to do it by myself. So tonight, we had a long talk. A very very long talk. I showed her around the sites and talk about all the problems that needed to be addressed. It was good progress already and I already feel less overwhelmed that she is finally here. We are a team now and things are going to get done. I am sure of that!

Mme. Saint Fort is known for her loud projectile voice and stern personality. So almost everyone, big and small, are afraid of her. What she says, goes, period! No questions asked! Plus, she speaks creole with the staff and children, so it's more direct. I have been trying, but with my limited creole, things more at a slower pace. Mme. Saint Fort is like a drill sergeant. You do something wrong, there's punishment. You don't follow the rules of the punishment, you'll have more. It's the way it goes! I had already put in place the punishment system and now she is realizing it. This is working wonders with the teens!

Tonight was the first night that I actually sat down on my bed and could take a deep breath in SILENCE for once!

Thank you Mme. Saint Fort!

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  1. I love this.....
    What she says, goes, period! No questions asked!
    That's the way to go!
    I am very happy for you to have this drill sergeant so you can take a break from dealing with those teens.

    love mom+