Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Masquerade Party in Kenscoff

Over the past couple of days I have been hard at work observing and playing with all the children at Kenscoff. This month’s art project was super fun! When I think of October, I immediately think about Halloween. Even though it is celebrated on the last day of the month, to me, Halloween is more like a whole month’s celebration.

The children have no idea what Halloween is and what we (Americans mainly!) do on this awesome holiday. I spent the weekend talking to them about pumpkins, vampires, black cats, costumes/masks, and candy. I am not sure how much information they absorbed, but they sure were excited about it. I had printed out some masks for the older children to decorate and they were ecstatic about the craft. They had five different choices for masks: mouse, Dracula, floral, Spiderman, and pirate. When I was printing out the masks designs, I was sure that every boy was going to pick Spiderman, but I was totally wrong about that. It was actually quite even across the board what each child wanted. They all colored their own masks and boy did they do a great job coloring!!!! We also colored different pumpkins designs. They were all curious about the “orange” pumpkin, since the pumpkin that they know in Haiti is actually light green in color. For the toddlers and babies, we did handprints. Not just any handprints, but orange handprints, naturally. I painted all the children’s hands and they were all giggling out of delight to see their hands painted with orange color. Some of the toddlers even wanted to lick their hands. The handprints turned out fantastic.

All the children and I had a ball together! At the end of the day, we all wore our masks and had a masquerade party!


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  1. You are creative, you are festive and you are fun.
    No wonder kids love you so much!
    I love you too!

    Mom with love