Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween Lamardelle

Everyone was still in recovery mode, so I thought what better way to brighten people's day with a little note and a small treat. I prepared a small Halloween card with an assortment of candy attached to it. I passed it out to all the staff at the orphanage and school and also the children. Everyone had a smile on their faces and it was nice to see the good morale. I know that I needed that for sure after everything that's happened over the weekend. The sick babies and toddlers at the orphanage are stable at the moment, which is good news. I continue to supervise all the caregivers and making sure they are washing their hands and putting gloves on for every child.
I wrote on the back Gratitude, Respect, and Love in Creole for everyone!

At night time, I did an Halloween Mask coloring activity with the older children and adolescents. They all had a blast. We all chatted and goofed off together. It's been a long while since we all sat at the same table and just had a good laugh with one another. I gave them paper pumpkins to color as well and we all discussed the difference between the Haitian pumpkin and an American pumpkin. So an Haitian pumpkin is usually yellow or green in color and the American ones are orange. they all thought that it was fascinating.

I put up all their art work around the orphanage and there was some Halloween spirits about!

Pumpkin Colors!!!

 Happy Halloween Lamardelle!

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  1. you are up and doing things.....girl, you are mentally strong! :)

    Happy halloween!

    Mom with love