Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Goodbyes Don't Get Any Easier

I woke up at 5am this morning and left Kenscoff with two children, one baby and one toddler. As usual, we made many stops along the way before finally reaching the creche here in Lamardelle. The director of FEJ, Mr. Duncan, was driving the car and we went to another creche to pick up some visitors. Turns out that it was an adoption agency from France, who has a creche in Haiti for 25 years already. We visited their site and it was huge and beautiful. Four people from the agency came back to Lamardelle with us. I had one baby in my arm and the other toddler falling asleep by my side. I was just in my element, super happy! I spoke a lot with the people of what I am doing here in Haiti and also getting to know what they did. The foundation started out with a creche for orphans and then added a school around 12 years ago for the zone of Tabarre. They have around 300 children that attend the school. It was great being able to give them a tour of the orphanage here at Lamardelle and also looking forward in collaborating with them in the near future.

So things never slow down or stop here at the creche. I quickly got to work after the tour. We learned just this morning that IBESR was coming to get 12 more girls from the trafficking incident today! 9 had already left last week and now they have found more biological parents!!! I am super excited and so happy for this news. Even though I will miss them dearly, but it is way better for them to be with their parents finally. As usual, I went to the depot to get some gifts ready for the children to leave with. We took pictures and I said goodbye to two of the older girls in the group. They gave me kisses and hugs. I gave them huge hugs and sent them on their way.

One girl was crying so hard because she did not want to leave the creche. And another girl was crying next to her because she wanted to see her biological family. They show the same distress, but what a huge difference in reasoning between the two girls.

This makes 21 girls total that have already left, which leaves 11 girls still at the orphanage. I hope they can find their biological parents soon! Let us all keep praying!!!

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