Thursday, August 18, 2011

4am Surprise Guest!

So the internet in the office has been fixed, well not the wi-fi at least, just now I have a cable that I can directly plug into my computer. So since the internet is working during the working hours, things have been going a lot smoother during the day. I am getting more work done and at a more efficient pace. The downside to that is that there's no wi-fi at night time anymore, so I have to get everything done on-line during the day. The habit has shifted, literally night and day.

I have been busy at work all day, everyday this week. I am feeling better and my stomach is slowly getting back to normal. I found out it's not just the medication making my stomach all queezy, but it's also the Haitian food that they serve here. The diet is heavily consisted of fried foods and beans. I never liked beans before I came to Haiti and now I pretty much have to eat it everyday. It's not easy, but I am trying. So the beans definitly do not mesh well with my body, I am coming to find out, sorta painfully over the weeks here. So now, I am eating my rice with less and less beans. It is helping a lot, and not eating so much fried foods. The cooks here are very nice to me and pretty much spoil me in every since of the word. Ever since they've found out that I am a vegetarian, they have been showering me with different fruits and salads throughout the meals. It comes in huge quantities and there's just no way I can finish it all. Every single meal I can taste the love and dedication of the cooks and I feel very fortunate! They also do elaborate decorations with the veggies and fruits on the plate. It's not just me taking pictures, but also the cooks themselves. I am so very happy to see them being proud of their work. I love it.

So story of the day! As you all know that I have been having mice problems in my room. No idea why they are in my room, since there are no food laying around or any dirty corner for them to live in. I clean it every two to three days and they are still coming. So my thought is that they know that my room is a no-kill zone, and the only no-kill zone here in Lamardelle apparently, so that's why they all congregate there. That is the only explanation that I can come up with. So I have been less shocked now that I've seen so many mice over the weeks here in Haiti, and less shocked even when they are in my room roaming around. Been able to sleep more and be okay with the mice running into things in the wee hours of the night on the floor! But this morning at 4am, I woke up to a mouse running down the side of my body and onto my stomach and leg...AHHHHHHHHH....yes that was exactly what I did. I screamed , kicked in my mosquito net, threw the covers on the floor, tried to grab my flashlight, and ran to the floor....totally fell and freaked out again. Yeah, this all happened in about a minute or is definitely not a pleasant feeling to be woken up by a mouse crawling all over you and tripping and falling over your bed because you are not conscious enough to realize there's a mosquito net surrounding you! Yeah, so needless to say I couldn't fall back to sleep for about two hours and when I finally did it was not quality sleep. This whole fight or flight mode that I've been in for almost three weeks now really does get tiring....I mean I am okay with the mice being in my room, but I am definitely not okay with them crawling on me and being in my bed....ehhhhh....

So going to try to block the hole at the bottom of my door again and see what happens....please mice, don't go on my bed while I am there, that's all I am asking of you. Pretty please????

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  1. what the xxxx! pretty please leave lori alone, she won't kill you but she might be killed by you. I name you as Tzu Su (compassion mouse), you find a better place to stay and come back visit her quietly once a while, but do not crawl on her body.