Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dragon Tiger Hall

I was all alone in the office today doing translations from French to English. Oh boy! It was a very long day. I really do highly dislike translating legal documents, they are quite a pain to do. But it is for a good cause, so I sucked it up! 8 documents...and they were one more to do tomorrow. So it was just me and my apple in the office today! After work hung out with the teens and had a blast. It was the first time that we all ate together. They all wanted me to teach them how to write Chinese characters and to speak Mandarin. We all had a good laugh. After dinner we watched a Chinese Action flick...haha we kept the Chinese theme going all night. It was called "Dragon Tiger Hall." Hahahah it was pretty funny. Oh yeah I learned today "Bouda" in creole means your behind, yeah they had a good laugh at that. So the people in the film are Buddhist and they are worshiping "butts" haha. Oh languages....some of the teens laughed so hard they fell over on their chairs. It was a good time. I was feeling down and tired today after spending all day in the office alone, but night time with the teens really boosted me up. Mési anpil!

Just wanted to show y'all what it takes to get running electricity in Haiti.

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  1. Dragon tiger hall, did i see that movie? but it was amazed that you can find chinese movie in haiti!
    i guess 慈電 worked good for you, i really appreciate her so i can see the video tape of extention cords. hahaha.........

    love mom+