Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Alphabet Soup

So before I came I was a little bit worried about the food situation here at the orphanage since I am a vegetarian. I didn't know if a vegetarian in Haiti would work out? But thankfully it is working out just perfectly. They actually don't have enough money to get a lot of meat, so most of the time at the orphanage there's no meat. They eat a lot of corn, collar greens, bananas, red/black beans, rice, wheat products, oatmeal, grains, and all types of salads. So I am all for it. I love Haitian food and it is working out just magically. Tonight I was completely by myself, as in completely the only staff person left here at the orphanage. Haha, everyone left. The Americans left at 5:30am this morning and the Duncans left last night. Two adolescent girls left yesterday and one more left this morning. Even Manmie left for a two weeks vacation. Stephanie, the finance person left to go to her home in the city. So I was the only one left swimming in the pool and eating dinner by myself. They didn't know what to do with me since I don't eat meat, so when I sat down for dinner, they said "You like soup?" haha yes I love soup. I look down at my bowl of soup and it is "Alphabet Soup" hahaha...no idea where they found it. It was in a can and they heated it up. It was hilarious! All the letters floating around. The last time I had alphabet soup was with 5 year olds at a Head Start pre-school in Chicago. I couldn't resist, so I started picking out a 'R', a 'L', an 'O', and an 'I', what does that spell, "LORI". hahaha....the cooks gathered around and was amazed at this edible art work I just displayed on the plate. It was good times.

I was talking with Patrick, one of the main workers at Manmie's and he was a total comedian. I totally had soup coming out of my nose when he was telling me how hard it is to understand Canadian people. haha no matter what language they were speaking, English or French. He was imitating how they spoke in French and I mean really imitating, the whole accent, gestures, and full body movements. hahaha. He took me through a whole entire conversation of someone answering the door, and yes he played both parties. Wow, it sure was entertaining. He considers me one of the "French" people, and he said thank goodness, because he has no problem understanding French people's french. He said that even French people have a hard time understanding Canadians, hahahahaha......so true, got to back him up on that one.

When I got back to the creche, I spent some time with the adolescents! One of the girls made Pathe for me, which is like a mini calzone. She was so nice, she knew I didn't eat meat, so instead she put hot peppers and onions in my Pathe. It was super good! So the internet didn't work at all today, so work definitely dragged on.

So we finally got some more drinkable water today, no more stealing water from Manmie's and rationing like crazy! Now we just need some toilet paper around here!!!!

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  1. did you pick the letter "r","g","e","g" in your soup? I am wondering how's Greg doing? Did he have chance to read your blog?
    So this is an orphanage for adolescents, is this very different than the orphanage you volunteered in Ethiopia?
    stay healthy!

    love mom+