Monday, August 8, 2011

Voodoo Dance

Today was my first day doing reports all by myself, like a big girl. I spent all morning updating the weekly rosters for the two orphanages and setting up the printer for wireless printing. So I guess for as long as they've had the printer in Haiti, no one knew that you can print wirelessly. Everyone would walk over to the printer and plug the USB cord in to print. So I came in and was like, "Why are you guys doing that?" Ha, so I set it all up and got it to work. Now they think I am really smart, but really I just followed the directions on the set-up Manuel.

The American Airlines team continued to paint the rest of the creche today. It was intensely dangerous today since they had to finish painting the high ceilings and it was super high. I still don't know how they managed to do that. Needless to say, they are super awesome! I started to write some social histories for some kids this afternoon, but didn't have enough information to finish. Better luck tomorrow. After work, Sandy (The IT guy), invited us to go watch a Voodoo Dancing performance. How awesome is that, you don't get to see that everyday! I ended up just missing the dance performance since I was running late with the adolescents. I was so bummed, but turns out one of the Americans had filmed it, so I got to watch a little bit of the performance. And it was awesome. I've seen similar dances before, but never knew it came from Voodooism. The four girls from the FEJ school did an awesome job. There was even a girl who represented the queen that came out and smeared white clay on the other girl's faces to acknowledge them. We ended up spending the rest of the afternoon by the pool, just chatting away.

It was their last night for the Americans and they leave at 5:30am tomorrow morning. We all ate together and out of all of the conversations that we could've had, we talked about crayfish, crawfish, or crawdads searching in Texas, back in the days???? Oh man, we are a funny group. I am happy to have met this team from Texas and look forward for their return back at the creche. They have done a phenomenal job painting! I am going to be sad to see them go tomorrow. The three directors are all leaving tomorrow as well, so I am really going to be the only one that is staying here at the creche. Papi Vieux and Mamie Jan will be back this Saturday, so I look forward to their return.

In the meanwhile, whenever it rains, bugs fly frantically into the creche. I must have saw about 20 small beetles outside of the bathroom last night. erk! I really hope they do not get close to me and come into my room. I have been communicating with all the bugs that this is a kill-free zone and that it would do me a huge favor if they just didn't come into my room at all, this way they do not have to risk injury or sometimes accidental death while I transport them in a water bottle to outside the creche. So thank you in advance bugs, let's keep this friendly pact going shall we?

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  1. you are a smarty pants, you never fail amaze world by taking extra step to help.
    I know how you were freak out when you see bugs. So, dear bugs, please leave Lori alone. Let her have a bug-free room. ganen+