Sunday, August 7, 2011

Intense Water Volleyball

So this morning we resumed the painting project at around 8am. I was waiting for breakfast, which usually comes at 8am, but I think it is Sunday, so today it was not here until almost 9am. Super late. I was starving. We had Mais for breakfast. It was super good. It was corn mixed with collar greens. Super yummy. I always eat way too much for my own good, sheesh. I ended up spending my morning organizing my room and emptying my luggage. I emptied all of them and organized in the dresser here. I feel more at ease and at home now that my things are in their proper places. The room already feel different, although they still need to change my bed, since I have a bunk bed at the moment. It is infested with ants, as well. Not so cool on that part, but I am surviving. I hope I get the single bed in here soon, so I can organize more. We had rice with red beans for lunch, super good, as well.

I started to paint at around 1pm and it was super intense. I walked around with a small carton of paint and brush to touch up anywhere that was missed. I found myself in many different small corners. It was quite fun, got to practice some of my yoga moves. haha. Then I took the adolescents with me to start cleaning up the floor and bottom tiles where the paint had dripped onto. Our jobs were to scrap the paint off the floor. It was proving to be really hard with extra rough sand paper, but they found a trick where we would first pour water on the ground and then scrap. It turned out super well. Way to go kids. So I was on the floor scrapping paint for about 2.5 hours. Fun times.

After painting all afternoon, we all headed to the pool at Manmie's, like usual. I was planning on going into the water later so I didn't change into my swim suite. Of course the director said, "Lori come give me a hug", so of course I walk over to give him a hug and he held on and pulled me into the deep end of the pool with him. OH BOY! THAT WAS SO NOT COOL! Good thing I didn't have any electronic on me at the time. I was fulled dressed with flip flops and a cup when I was pulled into the pool....yeah....not falling for that again! We ate dinner super early today for some reason, at like 4:30pm. I can eat at all times so it wasn't that big of a deal. Had some awesome salad plates tonight, yummers.

The adolescents had permission to come to Manmie's for a water volleyball competition. I was to be in charge of the teens. So it was to be the Haitian team vs. the American team. But since only one teenager out of 10 teens know how to swim, it wasn't very fair. So the Haitian team were all on the shallow end while the American team were in the deep end of the pool. The American team had to keep swimming while hitting and getting the ball, while the Haitian team just stood there hitting. There was a huge difference, believe me, I was the one on the deeper end. Wow, it is super hard trying to stay afloat and serve a volleyball at the same time. Needless to say the American team lost, horribly....haha it's all good, everyone had fun!

So tomorrow will be my first day sending out some social histories of matching children and the weekly rosters of all the children in the creches to the directors. Wish me luck!

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  1. WOW! Not so cool with this huge surprise to be pulled into the pool with full dressed. I hope you didn't have nurve attack with this unexpected movement then. Stay away from him next time in the pool area!
    I am soooooooooo happy to see your pixs.

    Love mom+