Monday, August 29, 2011

Antoinise: My Awesome Cook

So today was totally an office day! Just doing administrative tasks and writing reports! Nothing too overly exciting! Well, there was a mouse running around the office all afternoon, but other than that, pretty slow day! So I thought I would take this chance to tell you a little bit about my awesome cook Antoinise. She is a total sweetheart! Ever since she learned the first day that I was a vegetarian, she has showered me with her awesome culinary skills! Not only are her Haitian dishes the bomb, but her salads are out of this world!!!! I mean many people can make good dishes, but she is a true artist in the kitchen. Everything that she makes is an art work Masterpiece! I am truly blessed each and everyday!

So here are some examples of just some of the magnificent dishes that she has made for me ever since I've been at the orphanage! Haitian dishes, salads, and fresh fruit juices! Enjoy!

Potato Salad with carrots, celery, and lettuce.

Boiled Plantains....that's right...and it's delicious with a little hot sauce!

Mushroom salad...

Mais(corn) and Tomoato Salad...

They call this a Vegetarian Bouillon! Which is like a stew/soup in Haiti. There's yams, plantains, potatoes, carrots, and legumes in it...yummers...

How hungry are you??? Isn't she amazing???? So blessed and grateful for her and the cooking staff here at Lamardelle!

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  1. those dishes look yummy and pretty, masterpiece, indeed!
    she is an amazing artist, thank her for preparing meals for my daughter.

    love mom+