Wednesday, November 30, 2011

5 Women from Orphanage in Fort Liberte

I got back from Kenscoff yesterday and once again long waiting time at Delmas 41. I have been getting use to waiting around, so it wasn't a big deal. I was definitely starving and tired by the day's end though. When I got back to the orphanage, I fixed myself up a giant plate of spaghetti with ketchup! Yummers!

Today was another huge day! The day that I get back from Kenscoff every month is always super busy! There were so many documents that needed me to translate from French to English and we had many dossiers that needed to be prepared to go to IBESR (Haitian Child Welfare Office). I was getting all this done throughout the day and then boom, we have visitors.I like visitors, but today was just one of those impossibly busy days that it wasn't a good feeling that I had to leave the office to give a tour for them.

So turns out there were five women that came from the States. They were part of another organization that had their own orphanage up in Fort Liberte (which is in the northern part of Haiti). They were here visiting our orphanage to see some of our operating ideas and inspirations for their orphanage's new construction project. So I showed them around and answered all the questions they had about everything. I MEAN ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! Haha, I haven't spoke that much English in awhile and I was getting tongue tied. haha it was a weird feeling. Sometimes I have to double check that I am indeed speaking English and not something else, since I forget. By far the weirdest feeling ever!

They were all very nice people and I was happy that I could help them out with their future orphanage construction project. They were all very impressed with our creche here and said they got a good tour! Yay, my job here is done! I said goodbye to them after the tour and quickly got back to work in the office.

Things have been super hectic and frustrating because our internet has not been working properly for the past two months. Many days, there's just not internet and even when there is a connection, you cannot go into your email box! And on a good day! You can go into your email box, but you cannot attach any attachments to send an email! Oh man! It has definitely been frustrating with the monthly reports that I have to do for each child to send to the adoption agency and also cannot download anything for the children in return! What a nightmare! Hopefully things will get better this month! We shall see.

It was a very productive day! I got a lot of office work done for the adoption part! I headed over to Manmie's after work to talk more with the 5 women! They will only be staying here for one night. I was also waiting for an adoptive mother to arrive with her daughter. They will be here to visit their adoptive child for a couple of days. I wanted to be there when they arrived so they can be settled into their rooms and get a hot meal. They arrived really late but was in good spirits!

Tomorrow is going to be another big day!

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  1. it seems you have every productive day!
    don't forget to breathe girl!

    love mom+