Friday, November 11, 2011

An Angel Resting Peacefully 11.11.11

Today everyone all dressed up for the funeral service of little Precious*. The foundation decided to give her a small funeral ceremony and a proper burial in the Croix-de-Bouquet cementary. In Haiti, the dress attire for funeral is a little bit different than the States. Normally, we would all be dressed in black, ALL BLACK, but in Haiti it is mostly black, white, dark purple, and blue. The colors represent peace and harmony, which is a wish for the deceased. I dressed up in black and white for little Precious*. I thought about how much she would have loved to touch my skirt today....she loved to play with my skirts whenever I would play with her during the day. So I wore a pretty skirt today, just for little Precious*.
People had a lot of work to do, so not everyone could make it to the funeral service. Overall, we had three staff members (including me) and Manmie's sister, Nicole, accompanying us to do a proper prayer for little Precious*. It took us about an hour to get to the Morgue and little Precious' * coffin was so magnificently decorated! It was beautiful! More than anything that I would have expected. In Haiti, the general population has a lot of respect for the dead, especially people who believe in Voudouism. This is due to the fact that many traditions of Voudouism talks with the spirits of the dead and many times send the spirits to do different deeds for them. Normally, most funeral services are held in a church, but because little Precious* was an abandoned child, who's never been baptized, we could not do a religious ceremony for her. Nevertheless, there was still a pastor there at the morgue who conducted a small ceremony for little Precious* and us. There was a moment where it was open casket, where little Precious* was dressed in a beautiful white dress, like the ones you see at weddings. Her hair was all braided nicely and a pretty bow was attached. They put some make-up on her, which was quite shocking for me to see her with make-up on, but it was a nice gesture done by the people. Seeing her again, brought back all the memories we had together. Her eyes were shut in the coffin and she looked like she was taking a really deep sleep...
During the ceremony, the pastor asked if anyone would like to say a few words about little Precious*. I went up, because I was the only one there that had worked with her and was closes with her. I said that "little Precious* was a child full of joy and love. She loved everyone equally and always had a smile on her face when you approached her. She was so happy to have company at the orphanage. She had made a lot of progress in her walking over these short three months that I have known her and was one of the most determined little girls I have ever encountered. She was a brave child, with wisdom beyond her four years. I wish her all the best in her next life. Come back soon to us little Precious*. I love you dearly little one!"

Three Haitian men carried her coffin out to the hearse, while another played a sad song with a metal wire and a hand saw! Everything seemed so peaceful and in harmony here. I watched as they slowly pushed the coffin into the back of the hearse and closed the door. They were taking her to the burial site. I bid her farewell and blew a kiss in the air. I whispered, "You looked so beautiful today little Precious*, inside and out!"

Rest in Peace my little one! We will miss you dearly! 

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  1. 111111, What a special date for Little Precious's funeral.
    Rest in peace Little precious, you are a pretty angel. Come back with a beautiful mind and great love.

    Lori's outfit looks so cute, I want to touch her skirt too!