Wednesday, November 9, 2011

IBESR & UNICEF Collaboration

Today was a really busy day! (Although, which day hasn't been right?)

UNICEF and IBESR (Haitian Child Welfare) made a surprise visit to the orphanage today. They were suppose to be here at around noon, but ended up not getting here until 2:30pm. Because UNICEF and IBESR came down, Mr. Duncan had to be there to meet with them. Normally he was suppose to come down tomorrow, but instead made an emergency stop today. Early this morning, there was a pair of adoptive parents that were at the U.S. Embassy to finalize their adoptive child's Visa for traveling to the U.S. This is the last step in the adoption process before the parents can finally take their child on a plane and fly back home with them!!! How very exciting!!!! So because of this surprise visit, I was able to say goodbye to one of the toddlers who is heading home to the U.S. this week. I was soooo happy that I got a chance to say goodbye to him.

So UNICEF and IBESR are working together to do more child protection cases, such as stopping child trafficking and family reunifications here in Haiti. They came to FEJ to talk about the possibilities of temporarily placing all the children in question at our creche while they did investigations on finding their biological families. The meeting that took place was very long. Lots of voices, opinions, and standards. We took UNICEF around the creche, since it was their first time visiting. One of the workers pulled me aside and said that many of these children need more one-on-one attention because they are not getting enough. I told her that we were trying our best and we were working on it, since we are understaffed and that she was welcomed to play with the children herself. It gets to me sometimes when visitors come and they start to point out that the children need more attention. Of course I know the children need more attention, but there are just not enough people around to do one-on-one activities all the time. I'm only one person! I can't do everything! I will just have to keep trying harder! After the meeting, it was decided that probably around 20 children will be coming to stay at FEJ in the near future. All I know is that we'll be needing more staff to take care of the children, that is for sure!

I spent the rest of the afternoon talking to the adoptive parents who were going to leave this Saturday. So the requirements for FEJ is that the adoptive parents have to spend a week in Haiti to bond with the child before they can take him home. It is crucial this bonding period and it serves as a transition time for the child from the creche to his home. I told them all that I could about their child and played with the child for the last time here in Haiti. I made sure to tell the adoptive parents that to get a full medical check-up as soon as they get back to the States, since the resources are limited here in Haiti. It is better safe than sorry. Also to check if he has any allergies, such as Lactose and Gluten intolerant. They are awesome people and I am very happy that the child is going to be in such a wonderful family!


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  1. you help one more child with a wonderful adopting family that will bring him a bright future. Good job, girl.

    love mom+