Monday, November 7, 2011

HIV + TB = Deadly Pair

Today was another sad day...

I got a phone call this morning letting me know that the 7 month old little baby boy whom has been hospitalized for the past month passed away at 3am this morning. He came to the orphanage when he was just a month and a half old. He was abandoned at a local market. IBESR (Haitian Child Welfare) took him in and transferred over to us. He tested positive for both HIV and TB when he came. He was extremely tiny for his age (only weighed 7 lbs), most likely a premature baby, and always coughing up a storm. He has been on so many different medications and IV solutions for the past three and a half months that I have been here. He was always hospitalized and for weeks at a time. The poor little baby boy suffered a lot physically.

I can still remember holding him when I was on my way up to Kenscoff for the very first time. He was coughing and holding his fists into his mouth. His big eyes looking up at me whenever I patted him on his back or tummy. How he would hold onto my finger and squeeze whenever the car ride bumped too hard. I held him close to my chest to keep him warm in the cold Kenscoff weather. The sight of him whenever he stopped coughing and fell asleep was like a flower blooming in the fields of spring. Seeing him yawn every time I fed him. The rare occasions of a toothless smile just brought complete happiness to my whole being. Having him in my arms was the reason for life itself.

Rest in peace my little one. Come back soon and give more love to everyone! Thank you for all the love and joy you have brought to my life! You will always be in my heart, forever and always!

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  1. No more suffering to the little one!

    mom with love+