Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tzu Chi Family Weekend Con't

My Tzu Chi Family weekend continues. Yesterday, we conducted a volunteer training for the Haitian volunteers in the St. Alexandre area. The biggest group that was included were the long time volunteers from OVRP in the National Soccer Stadium. They have been with us since the very beginning when Tzu Chi was doing large scale distributions and free clinics in the stadium back in March 2010. I was so happy to see them back doing more training. 
Austin SB and I hosting the volunteer session. I translated everything from Mandarin to French for the attendees.  We talked about Guatemala, Thailand, and El Salvador victims. 
We distributed many Bamboo Banks to the volunteers, wishing them best of luck in starting to foster good thoughts everyday and to help the less fortunate in Haiti. 

Picture with my Haitian Tzu Chi Family! Oh how I've missed you guys so!!!!

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  1. There are ten local volunteers with Tzu Chi uniforms. What a great scene to see!
    Wish them continue practicing Tzu Chi spirit and spreading the love in Haiti.