Friday, November 25, 2011

Parting Party at Kenscoff

Today was the big party day for one of the little toddler girls, *Candy, because she will be officially leaving with her adoptive parents tomorrow!!!! How exciting! The adoptive parents have been here for about a week now, spending time and bonding with Candy*. This is part of the requirements of the foundation that before the adoptive parents can take their adoptive child home, they have to spend a week in Haiti with their child. This is to help ease the transitional periods between in-country and out of the country experience. This also gives time for the child to say goodbye to the staff and other children at the orphanage. The child will be able to stay in the guest house with the families and the families will get to know their sleep, eating, and changing schedules. They get to really know how their child is and have enough time to adjust and ask questions from all the staff members. The week long process doesn't sound like much, but everyday, we see huge progress and tremendous changes between the relationship of the adoptive parents and their child. The first day is always awkward, filled with over excitement and expectations. Many times the child will be a stranger and be really quiet. At times, not even preferring the adoptive parents. Second day it gets better and by the middle of the week it is like they are inseparable. They start to get in the routine of the family and by the end of the week it is as if they have been together for years. It is this magical process that happens within this week long period of bonding and I feel so fortunate that I get to be there to witness this magical love connection unfold.

In the morning, Roberto took the family and I out shopping for souvenirs. The family really wanted to find some souvenirs to take back with them for their family and friends. So there's always this little artist shop that Roberto takes the adoptive parents and it is filled with many different art works from different artists around Haiti. The shop actually doesn't product any art work, but it is just a collector that works with other artists to put their work on display. It was a really neat experience to see so many different types of art inspirations. It was also a great experience for *Candy. It was her first shopping experience and she was all wide eyed throughout the two hours we were there. She never wanted to be put down, so we all traded off holding her throughout the shopping experience. Gotta say, a two and a half year old is not easy to carry throughout an Art store that is filled with all types of glassware. Haha. It turned out to be great overall and the parents found everything that they wanted! The store was so nice that they wrapped everything up for us so it was safe to travel with in their luggage. What great service!!!

The afternoon was when the party for Candy* took place. The parents brought with them balloons and treats for the children. The staff and I decorated the orphanage and gathered all the children together. The babies were all sitting in bucket seats and strollers, while the rest of the children sat on the benches around the small table. We started to sing and dance. Oh man, do the aunties love to dance!!!! They will have a dance-off every single chance they get. It was crazy!!!! haha. Everyone had such a good time. We all ate treats and the children sang songs and danced together. The parents shared many thoughts that they wanted to say to the aunties and I translated for them. There were many tears and hugs and kisses all around. It was an awesome party! I am so happy for the family and for Candy*. It has been a long haul and I can't believe she is finally going home tomorrow!!!

Tonight we will have the final dinner at the Duncans and bid our goodbyes tomorrow morning!

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  1. good luck to Candy and her new family!

    love mom+