Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Catching Curve Balls

Ever since I've been back to Lamardelle, it has been busy busy busy! Always tons of things that need to be done! Not being at the orphanage for a weekend really sets you back for like days!!! I quickly got back into the groove of things, but it does not help that the internet still doesn't work. I just realized that with no internet, that means the children are not going to be able to get their letters and photos this month. HOW AWFUL IS THAT!!!??/!! Not much I can do. The internet is either not working or working at such a slow pace that it won't let you attach a file or download a file. Let's not even start to talk about picture files! It was pretty painful to come to this realization. Oh well, it's life. Got to do the best that we can.

So I was trying to get all the translations done for USCIS dossiers when all of a sudden a phone call comes to let us know that there was an I-600 appointment tomorrow for an adoptive parent! WHAT??? Are you kidding me? We were not informed about this. Turns out the email was sent out to everyone except Brunette and I, which we are the two people that actually needs to know the most, since we are the ones preparing the paperwork for the meeting. Oh boy, so I am scrambling to get all the documents translated from English to French at the last minute and praying, just praying that the electricity would stay the way it was for me to print out the documents in end. Thank goodness we work well under pressure and was able to get everything done. My head was spinning. I got everything done at around 4pm and started to do more translations and art work projects for Kenscoff. At around 4:30pm, there was a knock on my door. The nurse was calling me and saying that there were "foreigners" at the creche. I was like "What foreigners?" I step out of the office and to my surprise, there was a Caucasian couple with their biological daughter and their adopted Haitian daughter. I had no idea who they were! It turns out that they are adoptive parents who had adopted their daughter from CEJ 4 years ago. Their picture was still hanging up on the creche's walls. I greeted them and showed them around the creche. I guess the creche has changed tremendously after four years, especially with the new coat of white paint that is in place now. They brought wooden puzzles for the children at the creche and they all loved it. Once again, the logistics department has been having problems informing everyone of visitors. They were apparently scheduled for a 4:30pm visit, but no one had informed me of it, so I had no idea. Good thing I was even there! The couple was really nice and had many questions to ask me about adoption in Haiti and how everything was going. The adoptive mother is a doctor and she is actually helping out with the clinic for the foundation. How wonderful! More help is always better! I am glad we have established this connection with her.

They will be staying at Manmie's for the whole week, but I will not be there. I will be heading up to Kenscoff at 4:30am tomorrow morning!!!! I ended up heading back to the office to do more work, all the way till 8pm before heading back to my room. Lot's of surprises everyday and it's a good thing I am good at catching curve balls. Living in Haiti is all about catching curve balls and going with the flow. It makes it a lot easier when you can think quick on your feet. I am very grateful that I am able to react quickly to every situation that is thrown at me at the last minute. Oh boy, it's going to be a tough day tomorrow! Can't wait for the adventures that lie ahead for me at the crack of dawn!

Oh yeah!

Have fun you two!

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  1. thank you, sweetie, though we didn't really do anything but stayed home with grandmom.

    I love your attitude-- catching curve balls and going with the flow! It takes lots of practice and cultivation to get this life wisdom.

    Love mom+