Monday, November 14, 2011

Brazilian Troop and Haitian Doctors

Yesterday we went back and visited the Brazilian Peacekeeper (BRABATT II) Base. I was super excited to get to go back and see Major Roland again! He is someone with a giant heart and is in charge of the G9 department (Civil Affairs/Military Coordination) for the Brazilian Troops here in Haiti. The last time that I met him, it was only his second day here in Haiti, so pretty much clueless. We filled him in on all the projects Tzu Chi is doing in Haiti and also told him that we have worked with many troops before on orphanage feedings and support projects. Now it has been over two months and he has already found other different projects for us to collaborate on. It was great to see him and working out details on newer projects. There is a brand new school and two other orphanages in the Bel Air areas, which is a pretty high crime area in Haiti. They are in great need of support! 
Military Police Chief at BRABATT II! He was hilarious! He showed us around to the newer parts of the camp. He is staying here for an 8 months assignment. He said that it was super hard. He misses his family very much! 
Many strategic meetings took place at BRABATT II G9 department! Oh how I've missed this office! I still remember back in the distribution days, we would be here every other day planning and going out doing Reconnaissance with the troops. Good times! 
Major Roland gave us BRABATT II souvenirs before we bid our goodbyes. It was so nice of him! He was in normal casual wear yesterday, because it was a Sunday. He looked so different without his uniform on! 

We also met with two Haitian doctors yesterday morning. They are actually Haitian exchange students that studied in Taiwan for two years. They were scholarship recipients with the Haitian and Taiwanese Government. They both studied Medical Administration work, but they had already licenses to practice medicine in Haiti before they went. It was more like a PhD program in Haiti. The girl doctor studied in Taipei, while the other doctor studies in Kaoshong! His mandarin is a lot better than the girl doctor since in Kaoshong there weren't that many people who could speak English with him. It was quite weird to see that the doctors conversing in Mandarin and understanding when we speak Mandarin. I hope my Creole can be as good as their mandarin in a year. That would be awesome. 

We showed them videos on our recycling program and they were super excited about it. We gave them both a bag made out recycled goods, such as plastic bottles. They were in awe about the quality of the product. 

Simple Action, Big Difference! 

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