Thursday, November 17, 2011

Adventures with Tzu Chi Con't

This whole week has been extremely hectic. Every week is super busy, but this week was even more since Internet decided to go out all together. It started already being super rocky last week, but this week was just like "Hey! I'm tired. I'm going to the beach! See ya!" Usually it wouldn't be that big of a deal, since Internet is always rocky in Haiti, but this week I had to send out all the monthly reports to agencies, families, and team members! All 53 of them!!! Oh boy! When the internet would decide to work, it would only let me write email messages and couldn't attach any files! It would load for like two hours and then when the loading bar finally gets to the very last step it was come out with bold red letters "Attachment Failed!" That wasn't very nice! So thankfully that I have been working with Tzu Chi on the weekends, so I can use their internet to send things out! Reports are late, but there was not much I can do. I tried to compress many of the photo files to smaller sizes, but only a couple worked to attach itself. Anyways, now that I have internet here in OECC, I am definitely sending out as many as I can.

So tomorrow (11/18) is Haiti's Independence Day, so there is no work. This is the first time that I actually feel like I have a vacation day in Haiti, since I will be leaving the orphanage and going to meet up with Tzu Chi again. The Tzu Chi team is leaving this Sunday, so it was nice that they can come and pick me up at the orphanage to work with them again. I was super excited to be able to have good food, hot showers, and meeting with all my Haitian Tzu Chi Family. I feel very grateful for every one of them. So Kathy SG came with Pierrot and Lesley to come get me at the orphanage at around 5:30pm. I said goodbye to the children for the weekend and went on my weekend adventures with Tzu Chi once again. It was nice to talk to Lesley and Pierrot in the car on the way back to OECC. The traffic was horrible but it didn't matter. We were all used to the traffic in Haiti, it's a normal thing. Car coming from all different directions and people walking in between all the different spaces that formed with all the cars. It was just...normal occurrence now.

We got back to OECC at around 7:45pm and ate dinner! Yummy dinner once again! We talked about what we were going to do this weekend and it is once again fully packed. Tomorrow we will have a volunteer meeting and training for all the volunteers who have uniforms. I am so excited! I can't wait to see my Haitian Tzu Chi Family bright and early tomorrow!

Have a good night! I got a hot shower waiting for me! YAY!

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  1. two weekends adventure with Tzu Chi, what a nice break from orphanage! I bet SG and SB were very happy to have you. You are such a great helper!

    Love mom+