Thursday, November 24, 2011

Haitian Thanksgiving 2011

It was a busy day at the Kenscoff orphanage today, not because it was Thanksgiving, but because we had two adoptive families there. I was busy observing all the children and answering all the questions the adoptive parents had the best that I could. One family was leaving today after just a short three day visit of their adoptive children. They are adopting two boys, one 11 month old and the other three years old. They are not biological siblings, but will be adoptive siblings once their adoption processes come to a close next year! What an exciting thing! The two boys are as cute as can be and I am so happy that they are going to a loving and caring family. The adoptive family actually brought their two biological daughters with them on their trip, as well. This was the true spirit of thanksgiving. I felt so happy for them that they could all spend thanksgiving as a family this year in Haiti. Many people would give anything to have these precious moments. I looked at all 6 of them together and just couldn't stop smiling!

The family said their goodbyes to the two boys at the end of the day and it was especially hard on the youngest daughter in the family. She had become so attached to her younger adoptive sibling (the 11 month old) that she was sobbing so hard. I went and comforted her and told her that she is a great big sister and that we will take care of her little brothers here in Haiti while they were waiting for the adoption process to finalize. The mother had a hard time too, but I think it helped a lot having another adoptive family there for them to talk to. Since the other adoptive family is at the end of their adoption process, it was a good reference to understand the roller coaster of emotions they were feeling at this particular moment. It was hard on the two boys too, especially the three year old. He was fussing and crying when they left in the car. I tried to explain to him, but nothing would work. In the end, a good cuddle helped him ease the transition.

I am thankful for these families for the happiness and joy they bring to, not just their own children, but to all the children at the orphanage. I am also thankful for all the financial and material support their give to the foundation. I am especially thankful to the foundation for giving me this opportunity to be here with the children in Haiti and to work with the staff. I am so grateful for everyone in my life, for being so supportive of what I am doing. I am truly a blessed girl!

Happy Thanksgiving From Haiti Everyone! 

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  1. love brings hope to the less fortunate!
    thanks to the people who has great love.