Monday, December 5, 2011

Birthday Call from Afghanistan

Today I got a phone call from Afghanistan. This was one of the few times where I can hear Greg's voice quite clearly. There was not another Afghan woman screaming in the background or static noises. It was quite clear to hear his voice, it was weird, it's been a while. Turns out Greg is in Kabul for a couple of days due to a mission they are on. Kabul is one of the biggest military camps, they have streets, stores, and anything that you can think of. Greg said that it was just as if he was back in France. What a weird concept? I guess it's just like when I step into some of the shops in Petion-Ville here in Haiti or go into the US Embassy, just like if I was in the U.S. again. He said that there were many colonels and generals there, so he didn't like it that much. He would rather be back in the Kapisa Valleys again.

I was really happy to get a call from him. It is actually his 27th birthday today, so I got to wish him a happy birthday. We talked for about 10 minutes, with the occasion helicopter zooming above and static cut-offs, but overall, awesome conversation! Things like this don't happen everyday! So I was super excited! It is such a weird concept that he was speaking to me from Afghanistan, where it is quite freezing cold due to the winter season, and here I am standing in 35 degrees Celsius Haiti weather. Talk about extremes huh?

I am glad he at least gets to rest and be in a safe place on his birthday. He deserves it for sure! I hope the couple of days in Kabul can at least give his mind some peace and quiet. It will be good to not have to think about war 24/7 for a change. I will continuously pray for his safe return to France in February 2012!

Happy 27th Birthday SCH Neyme! <3

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  1. Happy birthday to Greg!
    This picture looks like the scene in Rambo movie.
    Greg has been in my daily prayer for his safe return to France.

    Love mom+