Friday, December 30, 2011

Kernaline's Wedding

Kernaline is Fondation Enfant Jesus' long time secretary. She is like a grand daughter to Manmie Duncan since she has been with the foundation ever since she was a young lady. We have all been looking forward to her wedding all these months. She is marrying her friend that she knew ever since she was a teenager. They re-found each other now and is going to start a brand new life together. I am so happy for the two of them, but at the same time sad to see her go, since she lives just across from me at the creche. We have been great chatting buddies throughout the couple of months that I have been here at FEJ. The wing is going to be quite empty without her there. 

So we all got dressed up today to go attend her wedding. It was a small wedding, just for close friends and family members. I was super excited, because this is my first Haitian wedding. I felt really honored that she would want to include me in her wedding today! What an amazing time we had! So I guess the wedding wasn't a typical Haitian wedding. A typical Haitian wedding would be at a church and have lots and lots of food at the reception. Kernaline is more of a low-key kinda gal, so she just wanted it to be simple. They did not get married at a church, because the guy is not catholic and apparently it takes a long process before he can be deemed "Catholic-enough," whatever that means. So they opted for just a civil wedding. The wedding took place at one of her friend's home in Kenscoff, which was just beautiful!

Kernaline looked absolutely beautiful today! 

Here comes the bride!!!!!

Me and Manmie Duncan! She looked so beautiful today! It was one of those rare days that she let her hair down!
Auntie Vania did my hair for the wedding today. How amazing is this design on my head???? I love it! She should really open her own hair salon! What great talent! 
There was a civil judge there to marry the happy couple! The big theme was being able to have TOLERANCE! She got that right! Two people coming together as one is a big challenge! Good luck to the love birds!
The chair covers were beautiful! 
Kernaline was very happy to see us! She was beautiful! 
I now pronounce you Man and Wife. M. and Mme. Saint Fort! 
Taking a pix with the beautiful bride. 
Here was the gang! FEJ staff!
Nicole, Mme. Saint Fort, M. Saint Fort, and Manmie Duncan. 
Nicole, Manmie Duncan, Francoise, Me, and Brunette!
Brunette, Me, and Stephanie. 
The view from the mountains were awesome!!! So pretty! We were really high up in the Kenscoff area!  
Pretty view! Francoise got all dressed up today! 

We wish you all the happiness and love in the world 
Mr. and Mrs. Saint Fort! 

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  1. Happy marriage to Mr. and Mrs. Saint Fort!
    You look very pretty too!
    Amazing hair-do!

    Love mom+