Friday, December 16, 2011

Haitian Papaya

We had many visitors this week. A donor from Belgium came today to visit the orphanage and school. I showed him around the campus and explained to him all the different programs that takes place with the foundation. He was very impressed and very interested in different ways that he can help fund the orphanage. It was a very good tour. He left some balloons and stickers for  the children. Those will come in handy for Christmas, that is for sure! Thank you to the Belgium donor! 

The most exciting thing today was receiving a giant Haitian Papaya!!!! Oh my goodness it was HUGE! Francoise was kind enough to get me a Papaya. It has been a while since I had some good Papaya. The last time we went to the market and got some, but it was the imported kind, the really red kind. Super delicious, but I wanted to try some local papaya goodness. What an amazing fruit! I absolutely loved it! 

Look how huge it is!!!! It's like three times as big as the pineapple! 

This is what it looks like cut open! 

Yummy yummy Haitian Papaya!


  1. does it smell like regular papaya?
    you know that I don't eat papaya because the smell!

    love mom+

  2. Bonsoir Lori , je suis Jennifer la petite fille que tu as aidé en Haiti lors du seisme du 12 janvier , j'arrive pas a y croire que j'ai pu te trouvé 😭😭