Saturday, December 24, 2011

Will's Fiancee Arrives

It has been a long week already, but things are not about to slow down! Today we headed up to Kenscoff, because I had to go up there to get their Christmas party all set up and ready. Lucien is out of town, so Roberto has been driving the truck. I love being in the back of the truck, because that is where you can get the best view of Haiti. It does get super dusty though, but it is all worth it! Will headed up with me today because we were going to the airport to go pick up his fiancee, Lauren. She is flying in from North Carolina. She will spending 12 days with us here in Haiti. 

Me being on the back of the truck! 
Lauren arrived safely and Will was a very happy camper! 
A bunch of Lauren's co-workers in the states got some money together to buy some Crocs for the children here. I requested Crocs since they are light and easy to wash here in Haiti. What a great turn out! Thanks Lauren and her co-workers for this awesome Christmas donation! 

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