Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Presents Wrapping Party

This morning the school teacher and I headed over to the FEJ elementary school that is just next door to the creche. We were over there to pick out all the presents for the children at both creches, Lamardelle and Kenscoff. When we got there, most of the presents were already taken! Really nothing was left! OH NO! PANIC TIME! So I spoke to Kernaline, Foundation's secretary and the principal. Turns out the creche was suppose to have first picks at the presents, so I got permission to look at all the presents that people had already picked out. I felt bad, like this foreigner walking in and taking all their presents, but I guess they were too quick at picking. Anyways, so I did it as fast as I could. We had to pick out 60 presents total. It was a battle trying to get the right gifts for each child. After about an hour of choosing and picking, we finally got everything ready. I didn't pick any stuffed animals, since those are hard to wash and is the number one germ spreading object for children. We left all the stuffed animals for the school, which the teachers were happy about. Everyone felt a lot better, since I was taking things that they didn't really care that much about. After all the presents were picked out, we moved them in boxes over to the cafeteria area to get ready for wrapping. The school teacher cut out each of the wrapping paper and I wrapped all the presents. We made a really good team. I taught her how to cut the pieces as close to the present in hand as possible, so this way we can use the minimum amount of wrapping paper. I wanted to make sure we had enough wrapping paper to go around, since the school has 600 children! Oh boy! I wrapped every single present and put each child's name on it, so it will be easy to distribute for the party on Friday. I can't wait. It was a really long process. I think we wrapped for about 3 hours, no breaks! It turned out great! 

All the teachers were wrapping presents for each of their class, as well! 
It was great ambiance, since everyone was singing and laughing together! 


The presents look awesome!

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  1. I wish I were there with you doing my favorite job--gift warpping!

    Love mom+