Saturday, December 10, 2011

No-Access Haiti

I have been hard at work doing monthly reports all week! Oh my goodness, there are a lot of reports every month. We have 53 children at the moment, so that means 53 monthly reports. We get new admissions everyday, so that adds to the load. Doing the actual reports takes a while, but it does get done! I have been averaging one week to do all 53 reports. The big problem is that the internet has pretty much been non-existent for the past two months, so I can't send the reports out. On a good day, the internet will let me get into the email box and then read some emails. On a really really good day, I get to read the emails and respond to some short ones. But I can NEVER EVER EVER attach photos and documents to the emails. It actually makes it worse when I can actually reply to emails, because people are like "What? the internet works and you are responding to me? so why can't you send me the reports that I need???" Yeah it gets really hard at explaining and the people almost always never understand. This is a very frustrating process! I understand if you are not really here to see it and witness the actually situation, you really can't grasp the idea in your head! So trust me on this is extremely frustrating with the internet situation! And when the internet does work somedays, mostly when everyone is out of the office, just one or two people left, that is when everything is just dandy! And of course when the internet works, we have no power! That is life! That is how everything works out! We get our internet service from Access Haiti, but for the past two months, it has more been like "No-Access Haiti." We have been paying hundreds of dollars every month and for what? Nothing? and no one is fixing it either! OH man, it's Haiti, that's all I can say! No one is in a rush to fix anything that is for sure!

Anyways, so that has been the situation with internet. That has also been why I haven't been able to respond to many emails and update my blog regularly! What a nightmare! So I do apologize for the absence! I am not avoiding your emails, it has just been hard with the whole internet situation. So I will get back to you sooner or later! Sometimes I can see what you wrote, but can't respond for days, weeks, some even a month! Once again, deeply sorry for that! I am trying my best over here! Hopefully things will get better as the New Year approaches! One can only hope! Maybe Santa Clause will bring a bigger and newer Satellite/Router system for us??? Wouldn't that just be great!

On a brighter note! I spent all of today organizing the babies and toddler's clothing at Lamardelle. We threw away a lot of old and torn clothing and I distributed new ones to all the rooms. We found these boxes of really expensive clothing that were donated by a high-end French baby clothing boutique back who knows when. I got them all out, because there's no use for them to be sitting in the dusty and moldy depot all year long. The children really liked the newer clothing and now they were ready for the New Year.

I also organized all the babies' toys and put all the crib toys on all 15 cribs in the babies' room. Now all the cribs are all decked out in crib toys and it looks awesome! I also wrote out a specialized name tag for each baby and toddler. This way everyone will know where the child's crib is and there would not be any mixing of the babies and toddlers. It worked out great and the aunties really appreciated it. Many of the aunties do not even know the rightful names of each child, since it has been just told to them verbally. Now they know how it looks spelled out and what they are actually suppose to be calling them.

It was a very productive day! I am very happy with the results!

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  1. I understand the internet issue, no worry for your late response.
    You did a great job on those cribs!

    love mom+