Sunday, December 25, 2011

Kenscoff Christmas Party

It is Christmas today!!!!! 

Yesterday and today was filled with decorating the creche. We got all the children bathed and dressed in their best Christmas outfits! Everyone of them looked so darn cute. The party was a huge success! Everyone danced and sang and ate lots and lots of food. I distributed all the gifts for both the children and the aunties that worked at the Kenscoff creche. Everyone was all very happy and grateful!

All the girls had their hair done and I was no exception. Auntie Elta said that "Lori needs a good hair do for Christmas!" She braided my hair and it looked awesome! I even had green and red hair ties to celebrate! How festive! 
I have become very close with all the aunties at Kenscoff. They were all dressed up today! How lovely! 
This was the main room where the party took place. Didn't everyone do an awesome job with the decorations???
Me, Ms. Deleau, Auntie Vania, and Auntie Elta. 
Santa was a big hit! We called him on the cell phone to see what time he was arriving. All the children waited with excitement! 
We all DANCED and SANG the afternoon away!
Thanks to Ralph for sending me a box of chocolates! Everyone loved them! What a great way to end the night on Christmas! 


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  1. I love your hair do and your X'mas outfit, very festive! thank you for posting all the pix to share the joy of holiday in Haiti.

    Love mom+