Thursday, December 15, 2011

Updating Reports

For the past week I have been hard at work finishing all the November reports for both Kenscoff and Lamardelle creches. It is a lot of work! 53 reports total to be exact! Today, I finally finished all the reports! It was an enormous relief to be done with the reports!

Not only was I done with the reports of November, but I also decided that I needed to get another bigger task off my To Do List. So every month I write reports for each child and I am suppose to print each report out with the child's photo attached and put it in their files. But due to lack of ink for our ONLY printer in the office, it was just not possible to print out the reports. Well, that was until today! Thanks to adoptive parents that came this week, we now have new ink for the printer. So I decided, today was the day that I am going to print out all the reports, all the way from July up to November! It was a lot of work, since for each report I had to go into the word document and place a photo in the document itself. Good thing I have been super organized with each child's photos, carefully labeling when it was taken, so I know which month's report goes with which photos.

I did this for all 5 months, averaging 50 reports for each month!
So I printed out about 250 REPORTS! THAT IS A LOT OF REPORTS! 

Not only did I printed out all the reports for each child, but I also organized another filing cabinet especially dedicated to the reports. Before, the monthly reports were all mixed in with all the rest of the legal paperwork of each child, which was just taking up space for other important documents. It also made the filing cabinet super bulky to work with everyday. So I decided to grab everything out and give each child a separate monthly report file! I alphabetized everything and now it looks awesome!!!!

Huge task off my list! It is so much easier for people to find the reports and the necessary paperwork of each child in question now!

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