Saturday, December 3, 2011

Productive Saturday

Today was one of those days that I just got so many things done, one after another. I woke up really early because the adoptive mother was leaving really early to go to the airport. She wanted to give me a lot of things before she left and also had some unanswered questions she wanted to ask me before she went. I met up with her and got everything all settled. She gave me some donations that were for the adolescents and also other babies at the creche. It was greatly appreciated. There were also some Christmas gifts that I would have to sort through. More work, but it is a good surprise for the children for Christmas. She also gave me some vitamins and medications for the children at the creche to use. The children are always low on vitamins, so the liquid form was definitely needed for the babies and toddlers.

After their departure, I went straight to do my laundry. It has been weeks since I've done my laundry because I have been so busy back and forth from Lamardelle, Kenscoff, and Port-au-Prince this past month. Oh boy did I have a lot of laundry to do. So I finally sat down and just did 2.5 hours straight of hand-washing laundry. It felt good to have some quiet moment to myself to just do manual labor. It was good exercise, not only for my body, but for the mind, as well. I hung all the clothes out to dry at around 1pm and went for lunch.

After lunch I went to the depots to look at what Christmas decorations we already had left from last year. The result wasn't much! So I made a list with Ms. Saint Fort as to what we need to buy for the Christmas decorations. Definitely lots of red, green, and gold big ribbons. We also decorated the small Christmas tree that we had. Hopefully we will be getting a bigger one for the rest of the creche. It was hard work looking through the depots, we definitely need a good clean-up. OH IF ONLY I HAD THE TIME! SHEESH!

After the depot search, we started to distribute the blankets that were donated by American Airlines. AA was kind enough to donate blankets for the orphanages in Lamardelle and Kenscoff. They are great for Kenscoff since they are throw blankets that are warm, but for Lamardelle, it is not as fitting. It is good for the bottom padding of the bed, but it will way too hard to wash that every other day by hand. Just not possible. So we put them out and I took some pictures and then they went straight back into the boxes in the depot. Haha, talk about irony. We have 20 boxes of those blankets, 10 for Lamardelle and 10 for Kenscoff. I wonder what we are going to do with those 10 boxes for Lamardelle. We shall see!

Saturday is also the day that everyone washes their hair! Me included! It was nice to wash my hair. It is very dusty in Lamardelle, so there will be just chunks of dust in your hair. Quite interesting. I'm pretty use to it. The most important part about today was that I washed one of the older girl's hair. She gets scabbies a lot and has developed frequent fungal infections to her scalp. So the doctor gave her some zinc shampoo to help her scalp heal and not be so itchy. So I will be washing her hair every Saturday with the zinc shampoo and also putting on medicated creme for her scalp twice a day. She doesn't like other people touching her hair or scalp, but she does let me, so I am very thankful for that. I am happy to know that she will be feeling much better soon!

I ended the day doing more monthly reports! Need to get those done in the next few days! Wish me luck!

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  1. How about give out those 10 boxes blankets to the people needed. like people in the tent city.

    Good luck on your paper work!