Monday, December 12, 2011

Santa Sent Me A Care Package

I got three bags of goodies today!!! There were two adoptive families that came to visit their adoptive child(ren) and they were kind enough to bring me my packages from Chicago. I am not sure how many packages there were, but I am guessing two. One from Tzu Chi PDX/My mom/Tracy SG and another one from Santa (a.k.a. Ralph from California)!!!! The package from Tzu Chi PDX/My mom/Tracy SG had tons of snacks, hygiene products, and healthy shakes that I can take throughout the day! Those are super handy! Thank you thank you thank you! 

I was so excited! The gifts were all wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper! How exciting??? I did not think this Christmas I would be opening presents at all! This was a giant surprise! Thank you so much Ralph and your daughter-in-law. I do not know what are in the wrapping papers yet, but I will definitely find out on Christmas day! I did not have a tree in my room, so the next best thing was putting it under my night desk and next to my bed! It looks awesome. I can already feel the Christmas spirit in my room! 

A giant thank you to everyone who sent me a care package! It is much appreciated! Talk about an early Christmas for me! 

BTW! Ralph, you make an excellent Santa indeed! 

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  1. enjoy your package, love ya!

    mom with love+